Rob Kardashian is falling apart yet again. His family is now concerned for him as he is gaining all of the weight he has lost back. Rob and Chyna have been broken up for about 2 months now. Rob is back to confining himself to his home almost never coming out.

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Rob has now gained 50 pounds, which he had lost once he met Chyna. Sources say he is even a no show to his own show that he has with Chyna. Chyna showed up to an appearance to promote the show and Rob did not. In fact, he did not even show up to his own baby shower. Chyna was the one to pull Rob out of his depression but it seems as though when these two have issues, it worsens his depression. A source close to Rob says

“Rob is slipping back into a dark place.”

His family is hoping he comes out of it soon. Praying for Rob Kardashian.

Source: TMZ