On the heels of Colin Kaepernick’s Take A Knee protest, we see another professional athlete take a stand for what he believes in by way of opting out of an annual NY Knick tradition at West Point Academy.

Noah unlike Kaepernick though is protesting war, not inequality. His actions understandably disappointed the cadets, but his representatives say that he is not anti-military, just anti-war.

It’s just very sad what’s going on in this country. Not just the police brutality, that’s getting a lot of the headlines right now, but just kids killing kids, and kids having access to automatic rifles, and school shootings. … It’s just disappointing that these laws aren’t changing. It’s almost like you hear all these things, and you almost become numb to the realities. This is not normal. They have to change the laws. They have to change the gun laws. –Noah

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