Yesterday Kid Cudi took to Facebook to let all his fans know that he has checked in to rehab due to Depression and suicidal thoughts. Since then, social media has sent nothing but love and support to Cudi. Everyone is expressing how much Cudi has changed their lives with his music. Honestly, anyone who has ever took the time out to listen to Cudi has probably felt like this.

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Fans from all over took to share their experiences with Cudi and his music. Scottie Beam took to Twitter to say,

Little did Kid Cudi know, He was saving his fans from the same issues he was suffering from.

Praying for you. @KidCudi

And if you are a Cudi fan… You know…. You probably connected with Cudi’s music because you were once depressed too..

Artist such as Bow Wow and Tegan and Sara also tweeted loving words to Cudi. Bow Wow tweeted,

Yo @KidCudi keep yo head up bro! Stay down. You got fans who love you bro and your baby girl. The real know your talented.positivity! #OH10

Tegan and Sara wrote,

Thinking of @KidCudi tonight and his brave message about his depression. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The world is rooting for Kid Cudi. Sending nothing but blessings his way. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Source: Complex