Apparently it’s a crime to sit on the porch at your mother’s house now-a-days. This week, City council members in Greensboro, North Carolina voted to have Officer Travis Cole stripped of his credentials after he violently arrested african-american Dejuan Yourse. Yourse was sitting on his mother’s porch waiting for her to come home and open the door for him.

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In the video, we hear Cole and another officer claiming that they responded to a call of suspicious activity, possibly a break-in. Yourse explained that the home belongs to his mother and that he’s there everyday. Cole threw Yourse to the ground and began punching him. Yourse can be heard in the video asking the cop what was he doing and to get off of him. The council voted unanimously to permanently sanction Officer Travis Cole for using excessive force during the arrest. This truly was uncalled for. The man was not a threat to anyone. The council pushed for criminal charges against the officer but was shot down by the D.A. claiming he wouldn’t “rehash the same evidence.”

These stories just never fail to amaze me. A man who was bothering not a soul gets attacked by police. Welcome to America.

Source: WSHH