Earlier today we reported the woman accusing Derrick Rose and two of his friends took the stand and testified about her version of events. A short time ago this evening, Rose was made to take the stand himself by the woman’s lawyer where he again proclaimed his innocence.


Rose told the court that on the night in question, he intended to drink and have sex with the woman. When her lawyer asked him if he communicated that to the woman before hand, he replied “I didn’t have to.”

He went on to say “I know what’s rape but I know I didn’t do anything wrong.” He added, “I’m focusing on my job and that’s to play basketball.”

Rose didn’t change his story that he has been sticking with the entire time. He said the woman was a willing participant in the sexual activity that night and the woman even willingly gave him oral sex while one of his friends was having sex with her from behind.

The trial resumes Tuesday. No word yet if Rose will still be on the stand that day or if he is done testifying.