Everyone is well aware of Johnny Manziel’s drinking and drug habits that got him cut by the Browns and led to no other teams wanting to give him a shot but it seems like the drug use was/is way worse than we thought. In a recent story for Vanity Fair, a couple of Johnny’s close friends reveal just how bad things got.


Manziel’s close friend Steven Brant told the magazine that Manziel’s mother, Michelle, found “drug paraphernalia” in the quarterback’s off-campus house. It was the first time even his parents realized there might be a problem.

“She came into the house and found some pipes and she totally freaked out,” Brant told Vanity Fair. “They moved him out. It happened so fast. I was out playing basketball, and when I came back Johnny was gone, and so was all of his furniture.”

Another friend, Nate Finch, also knew how bad things were getting for Johnny. He kept trying to get him to stop, especially after Manziel won the Heisman and Finch knew he had a shot at a real future in the NFL but that didn’t help much either.

According to the story, marijuana use was always heavy in the house, which alone would be fine but when Xanax, MDMA and cocaine came into the picture, it was too much for Johnny to handle. Brant reportedly was blamed by the Manziel family for introducing Manziel to the drugs, and the friend did not deny that to Vanity Fair.

He also admitted that Johnny didn’t have a strong will power to decline drugs. If something was offered to him, he took it.

Manziel was actually reinstated this week by the NFL but it remains unlikely that he will get another shot but I would love to see a redemption story starring him.