This is truly one of the funniest video’s you’ll probably see today. Ricky Rozay trying to get on a horse will truly have you crying. In the video, we can see Ross trying to get on the horse but actually struggling, even after the instructor tries to walk him through it. He eventually makes it onto the horse but the struggle was pretty funny.

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In the background we can hear Ross’s friend say,

“You been working out for this.”

As he finally gets ready to ride the horse, his friend carries on saying,

“Oh we moving. We moving. Young Chapo,”

Social media just makes everything 10x’s funnier. Twitter took to comment on the video with nothing but laughter. One Twitter user said,

Video on IG Of rick ross tryna get on a horse. I couldnt even watch it bro. Im boutta to call PETA On dis nigga

Another user said,

Rick Ross getting on this horse already the funniest shit i seen today ?? “bounce it up nigga” ?

One thing I can say about Ross is he definitely is not a boring person. Just a few months ago, Ross went parasailing in France. Definitely a trooper.

Check out the horseback riding video below. Don’t laugh too hard!

Source: TMZ