This Derrick Rose alleged rape case has taken about 50 twists and turns. The latest maybe be in Rose’s favor though. Keep reading for details.

Rose was accused of rape last year and hit with a $21M lawsuit. Rose never denied sex with the accuser, but he claims it was group-sex, and completely consensual. We’ve seen so many waves with this case, it’s incredible.

The accuser has been running the media circuit pleading her case to anyone who will listen. After that, Rose requested that the judge force her come forward with her identity…because yes, she’s still anonymous. First, we thought yes, but it never happened.

Next, Rose claimed the accuser texted friends that she was just trying to get money from Rose.

Now, it’s possible that the case may be thrown out because the anonymous accuser neglected to turn in her cell phone with all text messages for review. Woops. If this case is declared a mistrial, things may have to start all over again…during NBA season. Let’s see how much longer this melee goes on.

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