Chris Brown MM

People are really looking at Chris Brown like a meal ticket out here! After Baylee Curran lied about the whole gun thing at Breezy’s house – creating quite the sh*t storm back in August – a “fan” in Africa tried to say the singer smashed her phone when she asked for a photo. Problem for her is, there’s video of their exchange.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Another fan had videotaped Chris coming out of the airport, and it happened to be the moment the accuser approached him. Though he does deny the photo, he never makes contact with her, and she’s even seen on her phone – in perfectly good condition – after he continues to walk away.

Before the proof surfaced, this chick even held a press conference about this phone smashing that never happened! Honestly, this has got to stop. I want to see these false accusers actually getting some type of punishment for doing this!

Source: TMZ