Today is definitely a great day in the Smith household. Not only did he and the Cavs finally agree to terms, signing a four year/$57 million dollar contract to return to Cleveland, he and his wife also announced they have another baby on the way. JR has become quite the fan favorite around the country and you can tell people are sincerely happy for him today.


ESPN’s Marc Stein first reported the deal and also added that the Cavs might have felt a little pressure to get it done with the Sixers starting to take serious interest in Smith. While it was doubtful he would’ve ever went there, if the season started and he still wasn’t signed you can bet he would’ve went where the money was, even in Philly.

Now, none of that matters as the Cavs will be back at full strength and JR can rejoin his brothers on the team, where he is everyone’s favorite according to Lebron.

It’s hard to tell which news JR and his family are excited for. The new contract or the baby on the way.

Smith will reportedly make $45 million for the first three years of the deal as the fourth year is not currently guaranteed but if he is still on the roster for the 2019-2020 season, then he will earn the full amount of the deal.

Now that the contract drama is finally over, it’s time to get to work and get this season going.