Peter Thiel, the co founder of the payment service PayPal, is said to be set to donating 1.25 million to the Donlad Trump Presidential campaign. Naturally people who use the service are livid, and I mean livid. Customers have already declared to not use the service as #BoycottPaypal has now become a trending topic on twitter. More on the story after the jump.

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Peter Thiel is the co-founder of the payment service PayPal. The openly gay business tycoon has pledged his allegiance to Trump and has just announced his plans to donate 1.25 million dollars to the campaign of the presidential hopeful. This has put customers of the service into an outrage. Customers have vowed to not use the service anymore and have started a now trending #BoycottPayPal hash tag. The anger stems from the endorsement of the very controversial presidential candidate who has been in headlines for negative comments and actions.

Recently Trump has been accused by many women of sexual assault.

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Since then the presidential nominee has denied the claims. Calling all of the women accusing him flat out “liars”.

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The controversies don’t stop there. The presedential nominee was also scathed for his contreversial comments caught on a hot mic back in 2005 during am access holly wood interview. The video was leaked by media personnel Billy Bush who was later reprimanded by NBC for the leak. In the video Trump was heard stating that because of his status and money he can “Grab [a women] by the pussy”.

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Trump then marginalized his insensitive and demeaning comments as “Locker Room Talk”.

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This brought him more scrutiny from all aspects of the media, professional sports players, and actor Robert Dinero.

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After the video more allegations came through. Producers who have worked with the controversial presidential hopeful began to allude to there being hidden footage of the candidate using racial slurs on the set of the NBC show Apprentice.

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This surely going to put a strain on the finances of PayPal.

Source: NYTimes