The NFL season is in full swing and we have this week’s stadium throwdown.  This time the fight occurred between Chicago Bears fans and Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

While everyone was leaving the stadium, you can see a Bears fan in a Matt Forte jersey talking crap to a Jags fan.  The Jags fan eventually gets tired of the trash talk, walks up to the Bears’ fan and asks if he “gets down.”  The Bears fan socks him in the face and a brawl ensues.  It was three on one and the Bears fan get kicked in the head amongst other places.

According to TMZ Sports, no one was arrested in the case.  Police were reportedly contacted about a battery in progress that sounded like this fight, but by the time they got to the area, they couldn’t locate victims or witnesses.

Cops say a battery victim did file a police report later that day, but the report was so vague and “offered no details” so it’s unclear if that guy was in this fight.

If you care about the actual game, the Jaguars beat the Bears 17-16.

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