Back in June we heard about the bear by the name of ‘Pedals’ who walks on two legs. A New Jersey hunter is now being taunted after he allegedly killed the bear.

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People on Facebook has been threatening the hunter calling him a “murdering cowardly bastard’’ who “tormented an innocent animal.” One angry commenter said “We will relentlessly bring him down.” while another says “I hope and pray that someone [is] hunting you.” People says the man posted to Facebook that he was going to ‘have something’ for Pedals. It’s not hunter season so we all know what he meant.

Bob Considine, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Environmental Protection wrote an email saying,

“Bears with a variety of injuries are occasionally brought to weigh stations, and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has no way of conclusively verifying the identity of any bear that has not been previously tagged or had a DNA sample previously taken.However, the injured paws and chest blaze of this particular adult bear … appear to be consistent with the bear seen walking upright on several videos taken from North Jersey residents over the past two years.”

Rest In Peace Pedals.

Source: NYPost