Back at it with the first week projection numbers. This week check what Game’s new album 1992 and Gucci Mane’s second album in just a few months, Woptober, is projected to move.

Frankie Zing

The Game’s 1992 album is projected to move anywhere from 21-24k in pure sales, with 24-27k expected with streams. Gucci Mane on the other hand is only projected to move 17K-20K albums and that’s with streams only because the album was not put up for sale. Very low numbers for rap veterans like Game and Gucci Mane.

The Meek Mill beef didn’t seem to light a fire under Game’s album and Gucci I feel it’s just in the studio banging out music since he’s home and healthy. But at least Game technically beat the 15K projection that Meek Mill said he was gonna have in his “OOUUU” Remix..by a little. We’ll watch the two vets duke it out for new album supremacy later this week.

Albums – Game “1992”
Gucci Mane “Woptober”