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After giving birth earlier this month, Angela Simmons and her fiancé debuted the first photos of their newborn baby boy in PEOPLE Magazine‘s new issue. In the interview, Angela reveals that baby Sutton Joseph was actually born a month early, and it caught the parents off guard!

“We thought we had another month to get the nursery ready,” Angela said. They’ve since gotten it together, though, and it’s beautiful! I love the DJ’ing Cookie Monster painting!

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“He is a hungry boy,” Angela added about the baby. “He’s up every few hours wanting to eat. It doesn’t leave a lot of time to close my eyes. But it’s all worth it.”

On her fiancé:

“He’s been so helpful, doing middle-of-the-night diaper changes and everything.”

The pair are “still working” on planning their wedding, but say the baby is taking priority for now.

Check out the pics here! Congrats to the happy couple!