Jazmine Sullivan is now feeling the wrath from Twitter users all over after she made a post about Thomas ‘TC’ Clay, a gospel singer who recently just passed away. Sullivan took to Facebook to share a story about how TC had a crush on her. She more so made it about her than about TC, which is the reason everyone is now coming for her.

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At the end of the post, Sullivan posted a photo of HERSELF, not even the man and wrote,

“I know you still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening.”

Twitter went in on her for curving a man while he’s dead. One person took to Twitter and said,

Jazmine Sullivan really lame for this. Bitch how you expose a nigga for trynna get w/ you after he die? Nahn

Another person wrote ,

I wanna know what prompted Jazmine Sullivan to write that long ass IG post about the deceased tryna holla at her. Like… no sis. ☹️

I should hope Sullivan really meant no harm with the message but it did seem quite narcissistic of her to do that. When someone passes, you usually remember them for good times you guys shared together. Not really sure where her head was.

Source: Complex