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If you care, and only if, I tell the full story of the night each and every time on Hot97.com, and I like to talk about what was said over here, no judgements what so ever though. Let’s just get to the obvious, at least to me, maybe I’m too involved but still, he mentioned Charlemagne, well really in comparing himself to Drake he said if Drake sent charlemagne bottles, he(Surf) would give Flex a brick(double wrapped) which would be worth way more, and I thought was pretty clever, but am sure some how some way it will be used out of context and against us….in the future….but it’s cool, any thing artist freedom.

Moving on, before that he mentions Torey Lanez, but no diss. Then he said see a hoodie, it ain’t boogie baby, again, no diss. Bobby Shmurda took a plea, I mean it’s not a diss it’s true, but yesterday there was news Shmurda didn’t like his deal, I wonder if that why Shmurda came up in the bars ?.

Trump running for office, wondering what them coke prices gonna be like…now I understand that, overtime there is a republican in office, the streets eat, that’s a snapple fact, look it up!

Now this line I’m not sure about, while in an explanation of his childhood and doing what he does in the streets, he says ‘Them summertime shootouts wasn’t fabolous at all’, he’s saying the shoot out he and his crew had were no fun….but you know rappers, they like a good ole double meaning, I’m not trying to put any ? in the air, it just had me like ?.

He said ‘didn’t want company over cause his mother a fiend’, That’s facts in the hood when I was coming up, I had 2 friends that would move funny when it came to the crib…..

Lastly, for what I’m going to cover, he said Jack Mack, and Flex finds that funny because of the Dave East skit.

Now let me share some words that I feel were Censored by mistake but for wheat ever reason they were so I know they won’t be here.

Original Hot97 Post that was Censored:

You know I like to break down how it goes down every session, and today is like any other, except I may keep it more than usual! Ok to keep it all the way 100, I have to share what happened less than 30 mins prior to pulling up to where we tape, I got into a small rear ender(pause), where dude in front of me stops super short and I hit his high bumper, and although light, because he got out looked and gave a thumbs up cause his bumper was good, it fucked up my hood, and I saw when it pushed up a little, so I had to chase dude down, get his number, get some info, all while on the westside highway, but had to keep it moving because I was going to where we tape…So I pull up to where we tape, I see video dept(Uchenna) go in and go up stairs, I got out looked ant my hood, then called Funk and texted Tsu I was here….oh I forgot to mention, as that accident was happening Tsu was texting and calling to let me know he was there, and went up stairs. We began the set up, then while on the phone with Flex I come down to grab Tsu, he walks up with his manager Julie from Rapfest, and team then we all go upstairs, mind you I’m still extremely tight behind my hood being in current fucked up state. So upstairs we do a levels check and we’re good, I go back down to wait for Flex, we go back up, and immediately start, this is it;

*Same Video From Above Here*

Long story short, I didn’t get to enjoy the freestyle, I was prob a dick to people, to those that didn’t deserve that, I apologize…now there might have been one that felt like I was that, but due to past twitter indiscretions(yes I saw all of that, I know you don’t like me and talked sh*t, so nah, I wasn’t happy to see you), I may have been on purpose, but no matter I was extra laggy behind my life, which prob wasn’t fair to Tsu and his experience of coming up to where the real freestyles take place. My fault Sun.

This story was important for me to tell, so I made sure I told it, that’s all.