Josh Brown’s admission of guilt did nothing to change his besties mind about his person. Former Giant and teammate Steve Weatherford comes to Josh’s defense.

Though he’s not condoning Josh’s actions, he is saying that Josh is a good dude. At least he’s admitting his wrong doings.

“Josh knows what he did was completely uncalled for and he knows what he did was wrong…I mean he’s my best friend but I’ll tell him that was wrong. But why would I tell him that? He’s already saying it. He’s not denying anything, man. He’s wearing it. He said he made a mistake…The difference between Josh Brown and Greg Hardy … Greg Hardy had no remorse. Greg Hardy did not admit guilt.”

According to Weatherford, we’ve all done things that we’re probably not proud of, himself included, but at least Josh is on the road to recovery.

In the interim, though Brown will face no real charges since King county prosecutors have opted not to press charges, the Giants are not having that. He’s been pulled from their London trip pending their internal investigation of the incidents.

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