If you’re from an older generation or just a student of hip hop, you know the significance of the legendary hip hop group of Eric B and Rakim. At one point it seemed like the group would never come back together. Last night however, all that changed.

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It was as simple as a “We are back” tweet from the group’s twitter account. They cleared it up a tad bit and started a twitter poll asking what city should they start their tour in.

If you remember about six years ago, they shared the stage for the first time since their split at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction in New York. Eric B said that they don’t have a BET Award or a Soul Train Award, but they have a Long Island Music Award.

“You know what Rak, we never got a BET award, a Soul Train Award, a Grammy, but guess what. We got a Long Island Music Award!” Eric B. said at the event.

They are called arguably the greatest rap group of all time since their debut album in 1987 “Paid in Full”. They dropped their final album “Don’t Sweat The Technique” in 1992.

We don’t know if this tour will be accompanied with any new music, but we’ll have to wait and see. This would be great for hip hop!