So yesterday I posted about Gilbert Arenas‘ $111 million contract finally being up and him saying that his kids have to go to public school now.  I found it extremely odd that he was suddenly broke and it turns out he’s not!  Ever the jokester out to get his “gold digging baby momma,” Arenas showed off all the cash he has that Laura Govan won’t be able to get her hands on.

In the court docs Arenas filed, he says he’ll be living off investments which is $169,895 per year, wayyy off from the millions he’s used to.

Well, Arenas knew TMZ Sports would get their hands on those court docs, and after they posted that story, he posted a video of his own.  Arenas showed his kids counting up thousands of dollars in cash, and their own safety deposit boxes filled with more cash saying they’re “gold digger proof,” bragging that he’s “hiding” the money from his baby mother Laura Govan.

He also says if Laura is insistent on sending the kids to private school she better start “selling that p**sy.”

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