Kevin Durant is already one of the best basketball players in the world, with a whole slew of accolades to back that position up, yet he still finds himself with something to prove after taking his talents to the Warriors this summer. Social media was full of jokes and trash talk about the Warriors this week after they were blown out by the Spurs on opening night. From the looks of this video, KD has been hearing the chatter and it’s only motivating him.


In a completely empty Smoothie King center, home of the Pelicans, Durant got up shots after practice and was shouting some of the things fans and the media have been saying about him since he decided to go to the Warriors.

Draymond Green was also there but eventually left as Durant stayed even longer, continuing to shoot from all around the court. By the time he was taking shots from the corner, he was shouting “They say you’re not hungry! I’m out here! Put in work! Stay with it!”

“Nobody in this arena right now, and that’s when you get better,” Durant said to reporters on his way out. “Nobody sees you when you’re doing this stuff right here, but luckily y’all was in here watching.”

Those same reporters asked him about the motivation he was yelling to himself and about the criticism in general.

“It’s not that I read it — it’s just in the air,” Durant said. “You know it’s just in the atmosphere and people tell you and you hear about it. You guys ask me questions about it all the time, so obviously I know, but I’m not losing sleep on it. It’s just wood on that fire.”

When the Spurs beat the Warriors earlier this week, the trash talking about Durant and the Warriors was relentless but it was just the first game of the season and I have a feeling most of the people who were talking will be eating their words soon.