Randy Walls a resident of Delaware went to his local Regal Cinema Theater to see “Birth Of A Nation”: The Nat Turner Story. After requesting tickets for the 9:30pm viewing the Regal employee assisting him told him that the movie was “sold out”. Being as it was a Tuesday evening and “barely anyone was in the theater” Walls had his doubts about the Regal staff claims. He decided to walk into the film to see for himself and his gut instinct was right; the movie was not sold out. Was this a deliberate attempt to black ball the movie? Randy Wall thinks so. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

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After purchasing a ticket to go see another movie in the cinema, Randy Walls went in to the Nat Turner film “Birth Of A Nation” to see if it was indeed sold out. Not only was the show was not sold out, in fact the show barely had any occupants inside. In his words “there was only four seats sold for it”. He then proceeded to confront the desk clerk as to why she misled him. Her response? “I’m not sure I don’t know, I just see it on my screen so I say it.”

The movie is about Nat Turner, an African American slave who decided to revolt against the oppressive society which enslaved the African American people. The movie is controversial because people are stating that giving Nat Turner a movie is glorifying his actions of violence. Nat Turner during his rebellion along with his followers killed many white males, women and children. In his memoirs he stated doing this because he received a vision from the God.

Based on the premise of all of the events it surely seems as tho the movie is being black balled. Is this why the movie ratings have been so low? Is this the only cinema that this is occurring at? Are there more theaters like this?

Check out the video below.

Also be sure to go check out the actual film, “Birth Of A Nation” at your local theaters as well.

Source: WSHH