Kobe Bryant was one of those players that lived and breathed basketball, so when he retired, many people thought it would be hard for him to step away from the game.  Well, it turns out Kobe is doing just fine and isn’t missing the court at all.

via ESPN:

Kobe Bryant admitted to watching a few games during the first week of the NBA season. But playing again? Not a chance. He doesn’t miss it.

“Not even a little bit,” Bryant said Tuesday morning at the launch of his latest signature Nike shoe, the “Kobe A.D.”

“It’s strange to think a couple years ago, to be in this emotional space would be unfathomable. But I mean not even a smidge, which I’m very thankful for, because it’s made my transition seamless and I can really just watch and just enjoy the games.”

Bryant said he has thrown himself into his new business ventures during the first six months of his retirement from the NBA, while at the same time embracing the reality of his “death” as a basketball player. He decided to launch this latest shoe on Dia de los Muertos, “Day of the Dead,” in recognition of the transition stage he finds himself in, at age 38.

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