Chicago said they were not going out without a serious fight tonight against Cleveland. Looks like we’d better get ready for game 7 tomorrow to end this epic battle.

Who can make it happen? Will it be the Cleveland Indians who’ve got that magic dust still settling from the NBA champion Cavs. Or will it be the Chicago Cubs who haven’t had a world series championship since single digit 1900’s. Yeah, let that marinate for a moment.

All stops are being pulled out and this one looks to be a nail-biter until the very end. As of now, here’s what it looks like.

Game 1: Indians 6 – Cubs 0
Game 2: Cubs 5- Indians 1
Game 3: Indians 1 – Cubs 0
Game 4: Indians 7 – Cubs 2
Game 5: Cubs 3 – Indians 2
Game 6: Cubs 9 – Indians 3
Game 7: ????

What do you think? Who you got?

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