Dammm…I’m telling you these things are crazy! This French nightclub owner was outside when his e-cigarette suddenly exploded and shortly set him ablaze!

Frankie Zing

The man was Amine Britel, standing outside of the club he owns in Toulouse, France. The e-cigarette was in his pocket when it suddenly blew up…he thinks the battery in it shortened when it came in close contact with loose change in his pocket.

According to a translated article:

“Suddenly I heard a noise like sparkler, but 10 times more powerful. And after the shock of the explosion, I realized that I had caught fire.”

Firefighters took Britel to the emergency room and as a result of the explosion, Britel suffered burns to the side of his abdomen and his fingers because he tried to remove the vape from his pocket.

The club owner said he got the Chinese made battery from his town in France, Toulouse, and although didn’t reveal the manufacturer’s name, he plans to sue. See for yourself the burning encounter: