Drake might be arguably one of the biggest internet savvy celebrities there are. Not because he’s really great with technology but he knows how to get a reaction out of social media. Wether it be the Hotline Bling video, or the Views meme maker where you can make Drake sit next to you in any picture. This one might be slightly different though.

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There were rumors circulating that him and Taylor Swift might be a thing, so who would Drake be to not entertain these rumors? So he decided to take to Instagram and post a photo of them together captioned “Is that velvet?” with a flower emoji.

Is that velvet? ?

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However, it’s rumored that the two are working on some new music together, hence why she was at his 30th birthday party and why they’ve been spending a little time together.

“The music they have been working on is different,” E! News was told. “They’ve both been having a great time in the studio.” The source also clarified those recent telling dating rumors saying, “They are not dating or hooking up…They are both purely friends.”

Well that was quickly laid to rest. That didn’t stop Twitter from sharing their thoughts though.