Chance the Rapper has now took initiative to make sure young voters go out here and vote. Around 6pm, Chance lead a parade of young voters to the voting polls. The crowd was led from a concert in Grant Park’s Petrillo Music Shell to the early voting super center in the Loop to cast their ballots.

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Chance hosted and headlined a free concert at Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park called “Parade to the Polls.” The event was especially geared towards millennium voters. Voter and concert attendee Ryan Mills says,

“We’ve seen years and years before where the young voter, once they put their mind to it to go out and vote, change can happen. We saw that from our last two elections. So I think it’s a very important decision for these young, 18-years-and-older to do,”

Another voter and concert goer by the name of Catherine Alia says,

“I think it’s really smart, especially for younger voters. I don’t think a lot of people would come out, you know, you see people coming from school and stuff, if it weren’t something like this. I think it’s good.”

I must commend Chance the Rapper on this. In fact, I must commend a lot of the celebrities who have been working towards getting millennials to vote. They’ve been doing a tremendous job.

Source: ABC