Lil Wayne had everyone shaking their heads with his recent Black Lives Matter comments. Wayne recently did an interview in which he stated he could not identify with the group. People were not happy about these comments, including his good friend T.I. who spoke upon his feelings via Instagram. Joe Budden is now speaking out on his comments and expressing his feelings.

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Budden stated that he feels Wayne is very self-destructive at this point. During his podcast, he said,

“I wonder how strong Wayne’s will is to live. Why would you think it’s that strong? Wayne has seen his two artists that he signed and blew up alienate him No.1 can we agree there? Wayne has been in record label friction with the man that basically raised him.”

The two co-hosts of his show spoke on different matters. Rory was more concerned with Wayne’s suicidal verse on Solange’s new record. He says,

“Is everyone going to skip on his verse on Solange’s album? He said he tried to kill himself and he was upset when it did not work,”

Mal says he believes Wayne is going through a lot right now, which I totally agree with. He states the people around him such as his daughter are the people keeping his head above water.

Check out the full conversation below.

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