Your new president-elect, The Donald claimed that he had the support of the New England Patriot’s head coach, Bill Belichick and their starting quarterback. To be, or not to be?

Of course Donald was sharing this information with New Hampshire to get their buy-in to stay in line with their local boy. Tom’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen was not having that though. She quickly hopped on social media to denounce that claim. Who says models are dumb? Certainly not me.

“We’re all from different beliefs, races, ages, [but] When you come into the locker room…you’re trying to focus on one goal…we have a very close locker room and it needs to be that way.”

When asked to confirm his previous support of The Donald, his response was epic.

“I talked to my wife, she says I can’t talk about politics anymore.”

Go-head Gisele…lol
Grab em’ by the pu**y ballz!