As you probably already know, the Cleveland Cavaliers made their visit to the White House yesterday for winning the NBA championship back in June. Ironically they were there on the same day that President elect Donald Trump was also there visiting President Obama but that’s for a different day. Yesterday was all about good vibes, tours of the White House and of course, a mannequin challenge or two.


While President Obama was busy dealing with Trump, first lady Michelle Obama hung out with the Cavs and it didn’t take long before they had a mannequin challenge going in the White House.

The #Cavs do the #MannequinChallenge at the White House ???

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That was apparently the proper, elegant version of the challenge since they were in the White House but Lebron wasn’t satisfied with that one, which led to them doing the “official Lebron James version” of the challenge.

This sensation will start to die out soon (I hope) but for now, we are still seeing some good ones such as these.