A 16-year-old is now in custody after he stabbed himself and 5 others while in a locker room. He stabbed himself and the other classmates while using a knife with a 3-inch blade. The incident occurred as the students were getting ready for their morning gym class.

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The young boy was apprehended by school resource officers, who “risked their lives to box him into a corner” and had to tase him. According to news stations, the other five males were stabbed in the neck and upper torso. Three of them are in fair conditions. One student is in serious condition while another is in critical condition.

The young man in custody was known as a straight-A student with no record of disciplinary issues. The motive has not yet been determined. This is crazy. Now we have to monitor kids in the locker room apparently. These generations just continue to go down for the worse.

Praying for all the young boys who were injured during this incident.

Source: Complex