Soulja Boy last week put a $100K bounty on Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz’ head because he says the artist dissed him on his song “No Talkin”. Well, SB just got a phone call and he tried to explain his situation, ultimately backing out of the death threat.

Frankie Zing

A member of Rico’s crew had Soulja on Facetime:

“We ain’t going to do the threats. We don’t play. Don’t ever think you can put no money on no nigga’s head from Chicago, nigga, because it ain’t about no money down here.”

Shortly after, Soulja tries get out of the situation says he can’t do anything right now because he’s on paperwork anyway:

“He put my name in the songs, bro. Them tweets weren’t even about him, you feel me. I’m on paperwork right now, you dig? So we don’t even play those types of games. Ain’t nobody going put no money on nobody’s head, none of that bro. A nigga just need to holler at me. I need me and him to talk, feel me.”