Detroit Lions linebacker, DeAndre Levy is quite the character. He is known to be outspoken and never bite his tongue but that doesn’t always mean he is stirring things up. This is the same guy who donated $30,000 recently to help fund untested rape kits, with the hopes of helping rape victims get justice. He also is the same guy who walked on the wings of a small plane while it was flying thousands of feet above the earth. He also isn’t scared to call out the NFL over their handling of head injuries and more. His newest remarks will probably make sense to some people but will likely enrage Penn State University alumni and supporters.


In a recent interview with Mens Journal, Levy touches on a bunch of topics, some of which I previously mentioned. His comments about former Penn State coach, Joe Paterno became the center of the story whether he intended it to happen or not.

Levy played football at the University of Wisconsin and was involved in a play that wound up accidentally breaking the leg of Paterno during a game between the Badgers and Nittany Lions. Although it was just an accidental play, with all the news that came out about Paterno and former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in the years since and how Sandusky molested countless children, all while Paterno allegedly knew about it made Levy feel very proud that he broke his leg.

[Levy] was most famous for a 2006 play against Penn State, a sideline tackle that accidentally drove him into coach Joe Paterno, breaking JoePa’s left leg. Ten years later, Levy now calls that incident “my proudest moment in college,” as history has since revealed Happy Valley’s sad secrets. “That dirtbag, man,” says Levy of Paterno, who was recently implicated as being aware of child sexual abuse committed by his assistant Jerry Sandusky as early as 1976. “We’ve gotta stop prioritizing sports over humanity,” says Levy. “Just because somebody can throw a football or coach football, they’re excluded from their wicked acts.”

There is no denying the point Levy is making. I’m sure there will be people who read the story and wonder how could he take pride in hurting someone like that but I’m also sure there will be many more people who don’t feel bad about it at all.

H/t Uproxx