Chandlers Parsons scored 12 points in his return to Dallas last night, helping the Memphis Grizzlies to a 80-64 win. Parsons wasn’t sure what type of treatment he would get in his return, as his time with the Mavericks didn’t exactly go as planned.


Due to injuries he barely played in his few years there but collected more than $25 million dollars and fans felt like they were robbed. Injuries are always part of the game and should never be held against a player but there were plenty of fans who didn’t hold any grudge against him. In fact, there was a pretty young lady who held a sign telling Parsons to check his DM’s after the game. Someone snapped a pic of the sign and Parsons shared it on Instagram, where Joel Embiid decided to jump in the comments and let Parsons know what he needs to do.

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