Sometimes with professional sports we get too caught up in the wrong aspects of them. We focus on the fact that it’s a business and we allow the media to dictate a bunch of narratives while we as adults get so wrapped up in our teams or players we hate. There is still a side of sports that is innocent and give young kids something to hope for and gives them people to look up to at a time in their lives when role models are key. It’s with that thought that I present you this video from last night before the Warriors game in Boston against the Celtics.


I know NBA players are bombarded with autograph requests from fans prior to and after games and I’m sure it can become quite tedious after a while. It’s moments like this however that show it’s all worth it and hopefully more players notice the smile that came to this kids face after Steph Curry signed his basketball.

This little guy will never forget his night at the Celtics game when Steph Curry acknowledged him. For any players around the league who can sometimes be bothered with the constant requests from fans, just know there are kids out there like this that fully appreciate you, not too mention the parents as well.