I previously posted the story about Metta World Peace obtaining a restraining order against a woman he claims was stalking him and his family.  The stalker has now made a crazy admission in court.

The Lakers star appeared in an L.A. courtroom on Monday to get a permanent restraining order against Miesha Shakes, whom MWP claims has been harassing him and his family since 2015.

In a heated courtroom exchange, Miesha admitted to throwing a brick through Metta’s window and bothering his family.  She claims it’s all over a dispute with her baby father.  Miesha says she has a kid with Metta’s nephew, and Metta sometimes watches the kid.  Miesha is upset with her baby father so she decided to take our her anger on Metta.

The judge was not happy with Miesha’s explanation, cause basically, it doesn’t make her sound any less crazy.  The judge hit her with a restraining order to stay 100 yards from Metta and his family for the next three years.  That also means no emailing, texts or phone calls.

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source: TMZ Sports