The sexual assault case thrown at Game, which we all thought he seemed to have won, has now made a huge u-turn and he lost. Priscilla Rainey claimed Game sexually assaulted her on set of his new reality show She’s Got Game, now she’s about to be paid!

Frankie Zing

The verdict turned out to be that Game was “drunk, and on drugs” and assaulted Rainey multiple times over the course of the evening of taping, including “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

After a four day trial which included testimony from both parties a court found Game liable for sexual assault.

At first the amount Game is going to have to pay wasn’t made public, but now it’s a reported $7.13 million.

He’s said in the past no matter what the verdict was (maybe he knew he was going to lose?) he would never pay her a dime and than even accused her of having a penis.