R&B singer Sevyn Streeter made headlines when she revealed the Philadelphia 76ers wouldn’t allow her to sing the national anthem after she arrived in a jersey with “We Matter” written on it.  After some backlash, the Sixers issued an apology and invited Sevyn to come back and sing the anthem.

Sevyn says she’s accepting the Sixers offer to come back and sing the anthem AND she WILL be wearing her ‘We Matter’ jersey again.

The team came under fire by activists and their own players after they nixed Sevyn’s performance because of the jersey, which is an endorsement of Black Lives Matter.  The team initially stood by their position, noting that it was in her contract that she couldn’t do anything political during the performance, but they quickly reversed their decision, apologized, and invited Sevyn to come back.

Sevyn says she will come back because she’s “all about peace and positivity.”  Sevyn says she’s set to sing the “Star Spangled-Banner” on December 16th, and she’s going to stick with her controversial jersey.  She also said she’s working with the Sixers to do more in the community; the team is donating money to the Boys and Girls Club.  She says it all worked out, turning a negative situation into a positive one.

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