It looks like we have two flags on the play here.  Klay Thompson opened this NBA season with a shooting slump that sent trade rumors into overdrive.  He’s since gotten himself back on track, and the Golden State Warriors are clicking on all cylinders.  So what changed?

Thompson’s Splash Brother Stephen Curry was asked how Klay “got his groove back?” Steph joked that Klay did it the same way Stella did.  It was obviously a pun on the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back,  where Angela Bassett played Stella, a successful woman that went to Jamaica and got her groove back by engaging in a love affair with a young man.  That young man was played by actor Taye Diggs.

Diggs saw Curry’s quote on Twitter and told Steph he can come and get his groove back too.  Obviously, he was joking, but of course Diggs tweet got Twitter in an uproar.

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