Kanye and Kim purchased a nice chunk of Hidden Hills real estate 2 years ago for $20 million. They haven’t even lived in yet because they can’t make up their minds, after many millions of dollars later, of how they want it done!

Frankie Zing

Kim has been saying that she’s forked up most of the money for the renovations herself, totaling her investments up to $8 million. This was around the time of wrapping up Khloe’s talk show in April.

Now it’s at a reported $10 million that Kim has paid all herself. Reason being Kanye just can’t make up his mind, the artist that he is. He would order a change and when it was completed he’d take a look and tell contractors to rip it out and do it another way.

TMZ’s sources reveal the whole ordeal has been a nightmare and an emotional turmoil for the two, since they haven’t even spent a night in the house.