New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins ripped into Terrelle Pryor on Sunday, but the Cleveland Browns receiver answered with nothing but class.

There wasn’t any noticeable incident between Jenkins and Pryor during the game, but there was some friction between them leading up to it.

Jenkins (5-foot-10, 198 pounds) said he didn’t consider Pryor (6-foot-4, 223 pounds) a significant challenge earlier this week.  “No,” he said, “because he is another receiver. He is just big.”  Pryor had responded via Twitter, saying “talk is talk. We will see Sunday. Never wanted to play the game as much as I do this Sunday!”

Pryor finished with six catches for 131 yards during the Browns’ 27-13 loss to the Giants.  Jenkins finished with five tackles — including two for a loss — with one sack and two passes defended despite shuffling in and out with a minor injury in the second half.


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