Okay, so we all remember the ‘Dilemma’ video right? This was one of the most iconic videos ever. In 2002, the romantic interaction video came out. It was about two artist who were feeling each other heavy. The problem was, Kelly was already seeing someone which made it a bit harder for her to get to Nelly. In the video, we see Kelly waiting to hear back from her boo through text which happened to be sent via Excel spreadsheet. In a recent interview, Nelly was asked about the text message because I’m sure we all wanted to know how that was even possible.

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Nelly said,

“That was the thing at the time! That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now.”

Let’s just say Kelly wanted to keep the text in a draft before she sent it or see how it looked before she sent the real one. I didn’t even know that cell phones had Excel spreadsheets back then but I guess that’s just me showing my young age. Nelly didn’t really provide the right answer so maybe someone needs to ask Kelly.

Check out what Nelly had to say below.

Source: Complex