While it feels like a large portion of the people in this country have forgotten about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Rasheed Wallace definitely has not. In fact, his is still dedicating his time and effort to help the people of Flint as well as continue to do his best to keep the story in the forefront. He appeared on “Inside The NBA” last night on the Kevin Garnett segment titled “Area 21”. He spoke candidly about what’s happening in Flint and compared it to a third world country and not being able to recognize that you’re even in America.


Sheed’ deserves alot of respect for all his hard work. He has no personal ties to Flint and has been there from the start of the crisis. There are plenty of people who STILL have no clean water to drink, despite what the government may want you to believe.

We need more athletes like Sheed to be this passionate about things that involving helping your fellow man or woman.