The domestic violence charges that Johnny Manziel was hit with back in January of this year will go away as long as he does what he’s supposed to over the next year. The Dallas County Criminal District Attorney’s Office says the ex-NFL star has agreed to a “Conditional Dismissal Agreement.”


Manziel will have to stay out of trouble, as well as continue to seek treatment/counseling for the next year and as long as he does that, the misdemeanor charges will be dropped.

The exact conditions involved in his treatment and counseling are he must complete an anger management course that is selected by the court. He must also attend a domestic violence victim impact panel. He also must participate fully in the NFL’s Policy and Program for Substance of Abuse, or if program is unavailable, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation at court approved location.

Lastly, he must have no contact with Colleen Crowley, who was his girlfriend at the time of the assault.

The D.A. says the agreement is supposed to jump start Manziel on a path to live a better life and show him “how to make better choices when facing conflict.”