The other day Oakland experienced a tragic fire that left many dead. The fire took place at a warehouse that apparently was under investigation before. Fetty Wap has now opened up to speak on his struggle days and how he has avoided incidents such as the Oakland Warehouse.

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He spoke on going to a venue where once he touched down on stage everything fell off. From the mics down to the lights, it was just a complete disaster. Fetty says everyone went crazy because they thought it was a riot. He went on to speak on safety measures he and his crew have taken to make sure things like this don’t happen to him again. He says his team makes sure wires and things of that sort are taken care of. He says certain lights have to be a certain way because they cant hit his eye a lot. If theres too much light, he cant see too much.

Fetty says as an upcoming artist people didn’t care much about him. He says al upcoming artist should come together and do things. He says upcoming artist deserve to be protected just like mainstream artist.

Check out what Wap had to say below.

Source: TMZ