Were you wondering why the Cowboys are on this surreal winning streak? Well, we’ve got the secret. Keep reading.

It’s giving back to the community! Along with their winning streak 11-1, the Dallas Cowboys have consistently been giving back to the community…specifically the kids. Earlier this season, they were caught at a Salvation Army soup kitchen. This past week, they were at a Texas children’s hospital. As long as the kids are happy, Dallas can have as many “W”s as they can pull out…

Check out the whole gang Dez, Zeke, Dak, Witten…oh, and Tony Romo too (remember him?) as they spread a little holiday cheer to the real MVPs!

Sidebar, the only loss they’ve had this season has been against the 8-4 NY Giants…who they just happen to be playing again this Sunday. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!? This game is set to be a classic.

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