There is now footage out of a black teen from Oregon running away from a Jeep just moments before it crashed into him killing him. Driver Russell Courtier and passenger Colleen Hunt, his girlfriend, are now facing murder charges and hate crimes charges for the August death of 19-year-old Larnell Bruce Jr.

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The footage was shown during a Monday court hearing. In the video, we see Bruce frantically running away from a 7-11. A few seconds later the Jeep comes zooming after him. Witnesses say they heard Hunt screaming ‘Run hm over.’ They say the teen was targeted because of his race. The couple, who has a lot of ties to whit supremacy movements have plead not guilty. Bruce was standing outside when the couple approached him. Bruce and Courtier started arguing when Bruce threw the man into the store window. According to police, Courtier grabbed a spray can from his car, and Bruce pulled out a knife out. Bruce began to walk away when the couple decided to chase him down in their car. Witnesses claim Hunt screamed, “Get him, baby!” as he intentionally ran his car into the young man. Smh!

Courtier is a self-admitted member of the European Kindred, which is a white supremacist gang in Oregon’s prisons.

Check out the footage of the incident below.

Source: NYDaily