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After Warriors home games, many fans hang around well after the game is over in hopes of snagging something from the players as they walk by, like a headband, wristband, towel and so on. Last night, Steph Curry stepped it up a notch and took off his game worn kicks and autographed each one and attempted to hand them out to young fans in the crowd. He was able to accomplish his mission and no doubt a couple kids went home with a memory they will never forget but it was almost ruined by an adult who was too thirsty for their own souvenir.


As you saw, the guy in the hat was trying to make sure no kid got in his way. Thankfully he was pushed off but then you also saw that woman a few rows up, who somehow wound up with the sneaker before security took it and gave it to the young fan it was originally meant for.

The story ended well and Steph walked off barefoot.