Bruh… I’m SOOOO not mad at this, I don’t think it’s a bad look for the young lady at all, ad if you’ve been watching since game into’d her a couple years ago, or you saw the previous leaked photos, you know, she got it!!

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Ok I may look like a creepy old guy sweating that young thing… Ok ?, She bad Bruh ??

A leaked sextape that involves a female hand rubbing India Loves alleged naked body… I mean it’s not disgusting so…. IF you’d be into it, check it out:

Here’s the Tattoos;

On #IndiaLove's official site, documented tattoo body art…. head to the #IFWT twitter for the comparisons ??

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And Here’s the ‘Tape’;

You think it’s my little scrumptious angel…or nah??