Heisman trophy winner, Jameis Winston was accused of rape last year by Erica Kinsman just before he was drafted into the NFL. Though Winston was never officially charged, a civil case did ensue.

TMZ reports that a settlement has been made between the new Tampa Bay QB and the former Florida State University student who was allegedly run out of school because of her accusations. She sued the school as well and walked away with just under a million dollars for that case.

Our judicial system has always perplexed me. How can you not have a criminal case in which you are found guilty of something, but have a civil case in which you may end up paying restitution for the crime in which you were never charged for or even found not guilty of in the first place (enter OJ Simpson). Nevertheless, Kinsman is going to be a wealthy woman if she can manage to get a good financial adviser.

You absolutely cannot put a price on misery, rape, public shame, and humiliation, so if Winston did this to her…well, good for her. If he didn’t, I hope he’s learned a lesson.

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